MAY 1999

And I forget how I got here in the first place.
Ignoring the obvious becomes a habit and I see everything except what's there. Things fluctuate faster than what I can grasp, up becomes down, left melts with right. It becomes hard to keep a track and while I am here, I might be on the Otherside as well.
Otherside, my new found land, the one I share with you my faceless stranger, nothing but a voice and a hand.
There's no need for more, get me drunk of sweet words, soft touches, soft words, sweet touches, it all plays along, everything has a sound.
I would scream your name if I knew it, I would give you mine if I had one, but everything has been consumed.
My smile is what remains, waiting to be stolen.
We do not know eachother, we don't, but the best times we had are the ones where we did nothing at all, and the most memorable ones are the ones when we did our worst.
Time seems to know where it's going so I follow. 
This room is a desert, nothing but heat and thirst have no windows here baby, no way to escape. The white walls only reflect darkness and I'm listening to the sounds of hell and I feel you, my faceless stranger, I feel you so far away.
Outside of some dream of confetti, my eyes just beg you to come. Time keeps stabbing me in the back and the wound just grows while outside my dream of fairy fade away. Here I wait, for that that never comes, just leave me in my faceless stranger's arms, leave me there,I will dip into the black lake of her pupils.
Is the final click. Time, I finally caught it up.

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